One of our principal objectives at Electronic Drums is to bridge the gap between people offering electronic drums products/services and end-users.

For this reason, we offer an array of services designed to help your product attract a bigger audience.

Product Analysis

Price: $249

You want to buy the perfect electronic drums kit, but you are not sure which one will suit you best.

Within essence, this is exactly what we provide with our Product Evaluation service. We will gather your requirements and review a few electronic drums kits that might suit you best. Then we will continue to write a full review that will be published on Electronic Drums.

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Sponsored Post

Cost: $349

Electronic Drums product proprietors constantly ask us to cover their new electronic drums, so, we give you a marketing article service. Reach the thousands of electronic drums enthusiasts who visit us every day, precisely because they are looking for electronic drums products and services. The cost includes the writing: our professional, highly-experienced, native English speaking publisher will work along with you to make your article as effective as possible.

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Price: $149

Giveaways are a great way to provide something back to the electronic drums community while also attracting a high degree of interest in your service/product.

All of us run a giveaway every Monday, and they always generate a lot of appeal making them a win-win for all parties involved.

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Promotional Tweet

Price: $29 – $199

We will distribute a tweet promoting your product to our audience.

Marketing tweets are particularly effective for getting the word out about time-limited special offers.

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One Month Sponsorship

Price: $699

Sponsorships are a great way to help us and promote yourself at the same time. This is our bundle that contains a Banner ad, 5 Promotional Tweets, 1 Promotional Article about your service/product and 1 Product Analysis, all at one great price.

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Be Listed on Our Deals Page

Price: $49

Our deals page is a great place to offer Electronic Drums readers an exclusive discount that they cannot find anywhere else. Reach a new audience and get more eyes on your product or service.

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Sidebar Banner Ads Direct from Us

Price: $49-$129

Banner Ads served from our own server are displayed even to visitors using an adblocker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I made a mistake in my order?

We will try to evaluate your issue and if a refund is an ideal solution, we will proceed with that.

I’d like to purchase 3 or more services at once. Will you give me a discount?

Please contact us and we will discuss the options.

Do you give discounts on your services?

No, at the moment we don’t provide any outright discounts.

How will you promote my content?

We automatically share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all the content that we publish on our blog. If your service doesn’t say otherwise, that’s what we will do.

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