Ddrum is a division of Armadillo Enterprises, Inc. that manufactures drums, percussion, and electronic drum triggers.

Ddrum was originally a brand of Clavia, makers of the Nord series of keyboards and synthesizers. In 2005 ddrum was sold to Armadillo[1] who expanded the brand from only electronic drums into a wider range of products.

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Ddrum is a sister company to Dean guitars and produces drums that fall into one of several series, each following a motif of beginning with the letter “d” and grouped according to quality and materials used in construction. In addition, ddrum is one of several manufacturers that offers customers the ability to customize their own kit from a number of criteria including shell dimensions, finish, and hardware options in what they call the “USA Custom Shop.”

USA Custom Shop – a custom kit with many different options, including a few wood selections
vinnie paul kit– 6-piece kits in skull flame graphics
carmine appice kit – 4-piece signature kit with orange finish
Dios – available in African Bubinga and North American Walnut and Maple
Diaton – acrylic shells
Dominator – Maple Shells
Dorian – Ash and Maple shells
Dominion – available in Ash and Maple in several configurations
hybrid – available in 5 and 6-piece setups
reflex chrome – 5-piece kit
AMX – maple/ash combination shell packs from four to eight piece configurations
Defiant – basswood pre-configured double bass kits
Diablo – Basswood shells available in several configurations
D2 – entry-level series available in Mahogany shells
4SE – electronic kit aimed at intermediate players

Signature snare drums include Travis Smith‘s signature snare with custom drum wraps by Rockenwraps and Mike Marsh‘s signature stainless steel snare with a laser engraved finish.

Other snare drums include the Hand Hammered Bronze snare, Birdseye Maple snare, and the solid steel “Grey Ghost” snare drum among many others.

ddrum also produces deccabons, which are similar in concept to octobans, except that there are ten drums in a full set (hence “decca”) as opposed to eight (“octo”). All deccabons are six inches in diameter. They are available with shells made from either clear acrylic or black fiberglass. Drum depths range from 6 inches to 24 inches in 2-inch increments.

Supplies of DDrum kits outside the USA, particularly to the UK, are sparse with long wait times for customers who pre-order kits such as the 7-piece Diablo Death Punx.

Ddrum also makes two different styles of electronic drum triggers, the Pro Acoustic Trigger and more affordable Red Shot Trigger. They also make an electronic drum brain, dd1m.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org

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