Promotional Tweet

$29. 00 – $199. 00

We will publish a tweet promoting your product/service to our audience. This is suitable for new products/service bulletins or the introduction of recent changes to the product/service.

Promotional tweets are also particularly effective to get the word out about time-sensitive promotional deals and offers.

In case you choose the option of 5 marketing tweets, these will be sent out every 2 weekdays unless otherwise required.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you publish my tweet?

You can mention a specific day when your tweet has to be published or we can choose the day and the time for you according to your needs.

What details do I need to submit when purchasing a Sponsored Tweet?

Please include your tweet and an image if you’d like us to publish it with a picture.

I’d like to purchase a Sponsored tweet. What do I do? What is the procedure?

Contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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