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We receive a constant stream of emails asking us to cover electronic drums kits, services, and brands, but we cannot cover everything. Instead, we offer a Sponsored Post service to give an overview of your product or service, allowing you to communicate how it would be useful to the tens of thousands of electronic drums lovers who visit us every day, looking for electronic drums-based solutions.

You give us the images and a listing of the primary points you want to convey, we write a write-up of roughly 2000 words that tells that story in the most effective way possible.

Sponsored Posts also act as a powerful peace of mind whenever your potential customers search on the internet before deciding to buy. As Electronic Drums has been a founded, highly-referenced electronic drums resource since 2010, your promotional article will rank highly when those potential customers search on the internet for the name of your product/brand or for your service.

This is the way you make sure that, rather than getting distracted by negative evaluations or fake reviews grown by your competitors, your prospective customers will read a clear, well-written and positive overview of your product, tipping them towards a purchase.

Writing Included!
Obtaining a good writer can be surprisingly difficult, although you may be living in a natively English-speaking country. For that reason, and because we were spending so much time rejecting or trying to fix badly-written articles, we made the decision to include writing as part of this Sponsored Post service.

You provide us with the images, an outline of the structure you would like and some guidance on the primary points you would like the article to emphasize. One of our full-time, native English speaking, postgraduate, professional editors will write a powerful article, of up to 2, 000 words, for you.

When you give the article your last approval, your article will be published on the Electronic Drums and promoted on our social accounts. Typically, our articles are then shared by many others in the electronic drums community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements for the images to be used?

Yes, all images to be used within the post content must be 850px in width. They must also be optimized to not exceed 200kb per image when possible. If these conditions are not met and there is no valid reason for the larger image sizes, we will ask you to provide new images that meet these requirements.

This is done to ensure the performance of the website is not affected by slow-loading images, which would turn off certain readers and in turn hurt your experience on Electronic Drums.

How many “dofollow” links do you allow in sponsored posts?

We allow only 2 “dofollow” links per article to your website. The rest of the links will be “nofollow” links.

Will you publish my sponsored post before I make a payment?

No. We will publish your content only after we receive your order.

How long does it take to publish my sponsored post after I submit an order?

We usually try to publish sponsored articles as soon as possible, but it very much depends on our schedule. Normally we publish sponsored posts within 2.5 weeks from the moment of purchasing.

How many views/clicks can I expect from publishing my content on your blog?

We don’t provide any statistic on that, as it very much depends on your product and on how interesting it is for our audience. Some articles may receive hundreds of views in one day, others barely collect a dozen in 1 month.

I have an article that I’d like to publish as a sponsored post and it contains my affiliate links. Can you publish it?

No, we don’t publish sponsored articles with someone else’s affiliate links.

How do you treat sponsored posts? Do you allow them on the Home Page? Do you delete sponsored articles eventually?

We reserve the right to place a small “Sponsored Article” banner above any sponsored post but we may, entirely at the duty editor’s discretion, omit it if we believe that the tone, subject matter and written quality of the post are sufficient that it could be considered to be at the same standard as native content. Our articles normally appear on the home page after publishing and, by the time goes by and we publish new posts, your article will move to the second page and therefore won’t be visible on the home page. We can delete sponsored posts after a few years if we decide that the content is outdated and not relevant anymore.


I’d like to purchase a Sponsored post, what do I do and what is the procedure?

Contact us to discuss this opportunity.

I’d like to publish a review of my product on your blog. Can I just purchase a Sponsored Post service, send you an article and you publish it?

No. We publish only reviews written by our writers.

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