Yamaha DTX

Powerful on-board sequencer with 128 GM sounds

Fun way to practice and develop knowledge of various styles; easy to build songs

Real time or step time record

Record yourself for instant evaluation and to develop ideas efficiently

Solo button

Plays selected part of pattern for transcribing or learning a drum part

Fast, sensitive tracking

Provides real drum feel

48 bit wave ROM

Provides excellent sound quality and processing speed

5-note stack and alternate mode

Allows endless creative possibilities for sounds and musical ideas

32 note polyphony

Accommodates active players and multiple stacks

Hi-hat nuance controller

Plays closed, open and all in between sounds for realistic hi-hat play

Cymbal choke function

PCY80S electronic cymbal can be choked with hand for realistic cymbal play

Accommodates acoustic drum triggers direct into inputs

Fast triggering; no external attenuation box needed

Large liquid crystal display and LED; basic buttons on front panel

Easy to see, access and understand functions while programming

Volume sliders on front panel

Allows quick adjustment of aux in, drum mix in live mode or accompaniment and click in practice mode

Data scroll wheel

Allows fast scrolling up or down

Powerful MIDI capabilities

Can be used in professional studios


Tone Generator16-bit
Polyphony32 note
Voices500 percussion and effects, 128 GM sounds
Voice Layering5 note
Voice Alternate5 note
Voice Velocity Crossfade3 note
Effectsdigital filter, assignable reverb types, EQ
Display2-3/4″ x 2″ liquid crystal; 7 segment x 2 LED
Drum Sets32 independently assignable
Chain Mode16 (16 steps per chain)
Headphone OutAuxiliary In
Trigger Inputs10 (8 stereo/switch, 2 stereo/piezo); one attenuation switch per input
Outputs4 (2 main, 2 auxiliary)
Volume4 sliders (Master; Aux In; practice mode: accompaniment, click, etc.; live mode: bass drum, snare drum, etc.)
Data Scroll Wheel1 (1-1/2″ diameter)
MIDI ConnectionsIn, Out
SequencerPercussion, keyboard and bass sounds; 100 patterns; 50 songs; real time or step time record; click; tempo; quantize; measure; practice mode
Foot Switch1 (Hi-hat, Inc, Dec, Bypass, Sequencer Functions)
Foot Controller1 (hi-hat nuance, Inc, Dec, Bypass, Sequencer Functions)
Power SupplyCD 12V 700mA
Dimensions (W x H x D)12″ x 2″ x 8-1/2″
WeightApproximately 4 pounds

Source: http://usa.yamaha.com


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