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Alesis DM10 Studio Kit

Alesis has been at the forefront of design and development of electronic studio recording and processing technologies for the last 25 years. During this period they have been renowned for producing and marketing high quality electronic percussion instruments at an affordable price to the consumer. Their products are designed to inspire musical creativity and innovation amongst aspiring and professional musicians. They are associated with a range of high performance, value for money, electronic studio recording and processing instruments like electronic drums, mixers, amplifiers, signal processors, speakers, keyboards, hard disk recorders, effects units and iPod playback and recording devices.

Their electronic drum kits are among the most developed and unique products lines, and they boast an astonishing diversity of makes and models designed to provide drummers with an incredible drumming experience. All their electronic drums deliver superior sound quality, genuine feel at and affordable price even for beginners. Some of their electronic drum kits include the Alesis DM6 SESSION KIT, DM6 USB KIT, DM7 USB KIT, DM8 USB KIT, DM8 PRO KIT DM10 STUDIO KIT, DM10 PRO KIT, DM10 X KIT among others.  This wide range of products ensures that everyone is catered for, right from aspiring amateurs to seasoned professional drummers in the production studios.

The Alesis DM8 USB KIT has been one of the amazing electronic drum kits Alesis have ever produced. It is well known for being quick to set up; you take it out of the box and straight to the stage. It is compact and quiet with natural sound. This is a perfect choice for somebody seeking either fast on-stage setup, quiet practicing or quickly tracking into software. The Alesis DM10 PRO KIT is the electronic drum kit of choice for any drumming professional. It is an affordable electronic drum kit with access to USB connection, RealHead Pads and Surge cymbals. It is based on the amazing DM10 module which has over 1000 uncompressed samples onboard. The quick release clamps on the chrome-plated steel rack allows for easy set up and fast tear down. It offers high quality sound, complex on-stage look and a supreme feel.


The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Review

The Alesis DM10 STUDIO KIT is the studio’s best friend. It gives aspiring drummers endless possibilities of adjustable percussive sounds. Customized for the studio, it has a straight forward operation with six-piece electronic drum set, low noise cymbals and a compact StealthRack. Its outstanding sound quality is immediately noticed, and each sound is a series of different samples. It uses an interface that provides room for further customization to make it a drum kit of inexhaustible value.


Product Features

This drum kit features everything an aspiring or professional drummer needs. Some of its outstanding features are:

-it works with iPad through Apple USB adaptor.

-has  dynamics for realism and dynamic articulation that change sound’s timbre.

-compact, black aluminum stage rack.

-has mix inputs to allow for CD and mp3 players practicing. 

-It has the DMPad Cymbals made up of DMPad 12″ Hi-Hat, DMPad 12″ Crash and DMPad 14″

-Play along and record yourself with the sequencer

-the USB connectivity capability makes it possible to control computer software or load customized third party sound sets.

-RealHead 10″ snare and four 8″ toms – dual-zone drum pads with real mylar heads

-has DM10 high-definition drum module which has 12 trigger inputs and mixer


PLAYBACK: It has 128MB of linear memory and a polyphony of 64 voices

AUDIO AND TRIGGER INPUT/OUTPUT: It has a stereo input (2 x RCA), (12x 1/4″ TRS ) Trigger inputs ,a continuous and compatible Hi-hat controller (1x ¼”), MIDI input, output (2x DIN MIDI).

AUDIO OUTPUTS: a main stereo(2x 1/4″  when balanced) and an auxiliary assignable  stereo((2x ¼”when balanced) .The headphones  output is a stereo (1x 1/4″ TRS). It comes with a high speed USB for computer transfer and for MIDI

SOUND SET AND SEQUENCES: Has 1047 Preset sounds of 16-bit uncompressed samples, 100 preset kits (all rewritable) and 2 types of sequencer patterns; 25 user and 75 preset.

SOUND TYPES: 55 Basses, 55 Beatbox, 36 Crashes, 25 Hi-hats, 349 One-hits, 91 Kicks, 151 Percussion,  59 Beat/drum machine, 13 Chinas,28 Rides, 31SFX, 85 Snares and 69 Toms

WEIGHT: It weighs 66 lbs.

PACKAGING DIMENSIONS: (width x length x height ) x 46.2″ x 22.4″ x 12.6″


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