Welcome to the Dauz drum company website. We have been making quality electronic drum pads since 1985. While many companies make electronic pads, kits and modules, we have been dedicated to making proven Road Tested Tough great feeling drum pads that will be maintenance free and last you a lifetime.  Beat them you can’t kill them

Our products have been chosen for some of the biggest tours from Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, ELP, NIN, KMFDM, Jethro Tull, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Cirque Du Soleil and many more.

Top players have picked Dauz pads for their touring rigs like Neil Peart, Ricky Lawson, Abe Laborial Jr, Carl Palmer, Chris Vrenna, Omar Hakim, Dennis Chambers, Ed Mann, Chad Wackerman, John Stamos, Ginger Fish, En Esch, Gary Wallace, Nick Mason, Jon Anderson, Pat Mastelotto, Kevin Ricard, John Mahon, Nigel Olssen, Rod Moragnsten, Jonathan ( Sugar Foot) Moffett, Doane Perry, Luis Conte, Mike Manginni, Zachary Alford, and Nick Yueng to name a few.

Some things never change like classic timeless design of a DAUZ drum pad. We have made the same road worthy electronic drum pads for years setting performance and affordability standards. Dauz pads are designed and made by drummers . Product that works no hype, no crap pure utility.We make durable great feeling classic gum rubber drum pads used by discriminating professionals world wide We offer five different pads all of the highest made in USA quality with different feels and sizes for any application. You need to check them out .

Drummers get ready, the future of performance is in your hands. What once was an odd novelty sound effect, has matured into a valuable music making tool. Electronic drums, Computers and MIDI have given drummers the opportunity to express themselves in a cost effective, performance, and studio friendly manner. MIDI devices are part of every studio today, and if you’re involved with a project on a limited budget, a electronic drum kit might just win you the job. Drum trigger units from Alternate Mode, Roland,Alesis,Yamaha, Ion, and others are a great starting point for any electronic drum setup.Add a pad configuration of your choice, giving you a virtually unlimited expressive potential, a small price to pay to turn those years of practice into valuable midi data other musicians can use. This is the real power of electronic drums ; their ability to send and receive data to and from other midi devices . Another bonus of these drum trigger units are, that they sound great right out of the box. With hundreds of sounds, so close to acoustics they might just make Gene Krupa roll over in his grave!


Electronic drums are comprised of two components the brain or trigger module, and the pads what the user plays on. What is important in a drum pad?


1)FEEL. A soft natural gum rubber pad will give the best feel, quietest response and a natural rebound (Compare for yourself) A stiff non resilient pad will only hinder your playing and desire to perform.

2)DURABILITY is not far behind feel .Pads should be proven to take abuse and last a lifetime .(What big tours use them? You wont see tours choosing product that doesn’t hold up. )

3)ACCESSIBILITY. Can you get to the parts if a problem occurs or do you have to ship them back to the manufacturer? This is a major issue, there is nothing worse than a broken pad wire you cant get to.

4)MOUNTING. Can you position your pads in any place at any angle? Most manufacturers choose off the shelf acoustic drum hardware giving less flexibility in mounting .Remember electronic drums are not acoustic and have a whole different set of dilemmas in mounting.

5) PAD NOISE. There is nothing more annoying to someone listening to someone bash away at a loud electronic drum set. Kind of defeats a lot of the purpose of playing on pads. Often referred to as the quietest pads around even quieter than mesh heads.

8)PRICE.There isn’t much inside a electronic drum pad. You pay for the design the way it mounts, the way it feels,the way it responds and the reputation of the company who makes them. Use your own judgement .

Source: http://dauz.com

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