Run a Giveaway on Electronic Drums
$149. 00

Giveaways are a terrific way to generate excitement in the electronic drums community while attracting interest to your service or product.

We run just one giveaway each week, and we do it on Monday so that we can all start the working week with a bit of fun.

To run a giveaway on Electronic Drums, contact us for only $149.

This includes a banner, publicizing your giveaway and your product, appearing in the sidebar of every page on Electronic Drums for the entire week. You will be speaking directly to the thousands of people who visit Electronic Drums every day, searching for electronic drums-based solutions.

It also includes 2 tweets to get our Twitter followers excited about your giveaway and product and 2 posts on our engaging Facebook page; typically, our tweets get retweeted throughout the electronic drums community, resulting in even more exposure.

You will also be reaching our newsletter subscribers.

We use Rafflecopter to run the giveaways and can require actions tied to each entry, such asking the user to like your page on Facebook or tweeting about your product, spreading the word and giving you their personal endorsement as electronic drums lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to run a custom giveaway without involving Rafflecopter and usual tools and condition you use. Is it possible?

Yes. Please contact us and let us know your ideas.

Will you share emails of all the participants of the giveaway with us?

No. We will only give you emails of the winners.

How do you choose the winners? What happens after the giveaway is over?

We choose the winners randomly through the Rafflecopter. Their names will be displayed on the widget in the original post. When the giveaway is over (normally in 1 week) we will send you the names and emails of the winners and you’ll have to send them their prizes.

Can I choose the number of days when my giveaway will be active?

We usually offer our readers 1 week for participating. But if you’d like to make it longer or shorter, it’s up to you.

How many views/clicks/sales/entries can I expect from running a giveaway on your blog?

We don’t provide any statistic on that, as it very depends on your product and on how much it is interesting for our audience. Some articles may receive hundreds of views in one day, others barely collect a dozen in 1 month.

Can I provide you with the tweets for the Giveaway or do you choose yourself what to tweet?

If you have specific tweets in mind related to the giveaway we can tweet them. If not, we will come up with our messages.

What is the size of the banner that you use when I purchase a giveaway + banner?

The banner’s size is 300x250px.

What details do I need to submit when purchasing a Giveaway?

We will need the following:

A short paragraph about your company/product + an image (630px width).
Exact prize
A number of winners.
Banner 300×250 + link (if you opt for a giveaway + banner).
Conditions for participation. We usually use Rafflecopter for our giveaways. It enables us to choose the winners randomly. In order to enter a competition readers have to follow a Twitter account or tweet about a giveaway, or check out a Facebook page, or leave a comment, etc. Please let us know which condition you prefer.

I’d like to purchase a Giveaway. What do I do? What is the procedure?

Contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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