Simmons SD9K

The Simmons SD9K Electronic Drum Kit is the next step up from the popular SD7K, with the expanded functionality and sequencing capabilities that capture the essence of the electronic drum realm at an affordable price.

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Upgraded features

The pads feel incredibly life-like, with over 700 realistic sounds and an expressive hi-hat. The bass drum pad accommodates a double pedal. With a dual-zone snare pad, dual-zone cymbals with choke capability, 40 preset kits and space for 59 user kits, the SD9K delivers state-of-the-art electronic sounds with USB connectivity at an unbeatable price.

Lay it down and play it back

No matter what style you play, you owe it to yourself to explore the world of recording and sequencing possibilities that this electronic kit offers. With its 110 preset songs and 100 user songs you will never get bored of practice while playing along or creating your own songs. It also features a built-in metronome that has a range of 30-280 bpm’s (beats per minute).

Imagine the possibilities

The Simmons SD9K Drum Set has live, electronic pads and hand percussion options letting you add exotic sounds that would otherwise require a large and space-consuming collection of instruments. Drum giants like Vinnie Colaiuta and Josh Freese incorporate electronic drums into their live kits, giving them a far broader palette to work from. Plus, with many bands playing live to sequenced backgrounds, electronics are essential for triggering and interacting with your backing tracks. In the studio, the wide variety of sample libraries available make electronic drum sets more useful than ever. Just play the song, and use the SD9K kit’s MIDI signal to trigger your choice of samples, and you’ll have drum tracks that can be endlessly altered as you mix. Replace the snare, kick or toms, or combine multiple samples for a massively powerful wall of sound.

Bass pedal sold separately.

This Simmons Electronic Drumset comes with an industry leading 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.



  • (1) SD9 Module
  • (1) Kick pad
  • (1) 11″ dual-zone snare pad
  • (3) 9″ tom pads
  • (1) 11″ floor tom pad
  • (2) Dual-zone crash pads with choke
  • (1) 14″ dual-zone ride pad with choke
  • (1) Dual-zone hi-hat pad with choke
  • (1) Hi-hat controller pedal
  • (1) Sturdy 4-legged drum rack with all mounting hardware

Drum kits

  • Drum kits: 100 total (40 preset kits + 59 user kits + 1 external MIDI kit)
  • General MIDI kits: 12 GM kits


  • Drum voices: 725 (drums, percussion, SFX) + 19 hi-hat combos
  • General MIDI backing voices: 128 GM instruments
  • Maximum polyphony: 64 notes

Effect types

  • Reverb/Delay
  • 4-band master EQ


  • Preset songs: 110
  • User songs: 100
  • External MIDI control song: 1
  • Song parts: 7 (drum, percussion, part 1 – part 5)
  • Play modes: one shot, loop
  • Tempo: 30 – 280
  • Resolution: 192 ticks per quarter note
  • Maximum storage function: 12,000 notes
  • Metronome function
  • Track mute function

SD card reader

  • Save/load kits, songs and user settings
  • Play standard MIDI files (up to 16 channels)
  • Update operating firmware


MIDI and USB ports

  • Trigger external drum sound generator (sound module, computer software)
  • Use the SD9K as a 16-channel general MIDI sound module for MIDI sequencing


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