Yamaha DTX550K

The DTX550K features the new 10” DTX-PAD with TCS head for the snare, real-hi-hat trigger and stand, plus three-zone cymbals at an affordable price. Based on the award winning DTXPRESS IV, the new DTX500 Drum Trigger Module has been updated with new sounds and compatibility with the DTX-PAD.


Focusing on Fundamentals
The compact configuration of the DTX550K is centered on the Snare, Hi-Hat and Ride Cymbal, three of the core components of any drum kit. With an amazing feel and a diverse array of functions, the DTX550K comes with an impressive range of sounds that make it an ideal choice, whether practicing at home or performing live on stage.

  • Newly-developed 10-inch “XP100SD” DTX-PAD Snare pad.
  • Movable Hi-Hat (“HS650A” Hi-Hat stand included).
  • “PCY135” and “PCY155” 3-zone choke-capable Cymbal pads used as Crash (13 inch) and large size Ride (15 inch) Cymbals.
  • A diverse range of 427 carefully chosen high-quality internal sounds.
  • Strong, compact “RS85A” Rack, equipped with a ball clamp that allows the Snare pad to be set to exactly the right angle.
  • 12 trigger inputs allow you to connect additional Toms and Cymbals to create your own original kit configurations.

Newly-developed DTX-PAD Snare

As the focal point of the drum kit, the DTX550K features a newly-developed DTX-PAD Snare, the “XP100SD”. In developing this drum pad Yamaha set out to do more than just offer a drumhead that plays like an acoustic drum. Yamaha worked with top musicians to find out exactly how the feel of a drum encourages a drummer to keep playing. DTX-PAD is the result of this collaboration, and features a “Textured Cellular Silicone Head” with an air bubble configuration optimized to give it the perfect response for continuous play and subtle stickwork.

  • Natural, comfortable feel that’s perfect for performing on stage or practicing at home.
  • Astonishingly quiet, making home practice easy.
  • Proven durability.
  • Floating construction offers the sensitivity required for a broad dynamic range while remaining vibration-free.
  • 3-zone construction for open and closed rimshots.
  • Easy tuning and snappy adjustment thanks to a conveniently located pad control.

 Precision and Clarity in Motion

A great Hi-Hat is a crucial part of any drum kit, and the DTX550K is no exception. With the “RHH135” moving-type Hi-Hat, you can play the most nuanced of passages with precision and clarity.

  • Comes with “HS650A” Hi-Hat stand.
  • Footsplash capable.
  • “RHH135” integrated pad and controller provides natural feel when performing.
  • 2-zone construction features separate pad and edge zones, allowing you to play in a broad range of styles.
  • Extremely quiet.

Carefully-Chosen High-quality Sounds

Contained within the compact body of the module “DTX500” are 427 carefully-chosen sounds, created by a tone generator that handles both subtly nuanced Snare-work and dynamic, powerful drum strokes with ease.

  • 50 preset drum kits have been carefully chosen to cover a diverse range of genres, including rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and latin.
  • Stores up to 20 original drum kits.
  • On-board high quality digital reverb.

Practice, Enjoy, Improve

The module “DTX500” offers a suite of comprehensive training functions to help you improve your drumming. The combination of a realistic Hi-Hat with the DTX-PAD’s natural feel provides an enjoyable practice experience that’s difficult to beat.

  • 63 internal practice tunes in a diverse range of genres. Mute drum parts to enjoy the feeling of playing along with a band, just as if you were live on stage.
  • An AUX IN jack lets you connect a CD player or an MP3 player to the module “DTX500” to practice with your favorite tunes.
  • High-quality click function that lets you customize rhythm and tone settings as much as you like.
  • Challenging groove-check and rhythm-gate functions that let you enjoy practice and develop your timing.
  • Recording functions that let you capture your own performances and listen to them over again to improve your technique.

Zak Bond plays Yamaha DTX950K & DTX550K

August 2010, Malaysia. You can find more about his kits at http://dtxdrums.yamaha.com/


SnareXP100SD (TCS Head, 10inch, 3zone, Controller)
Ride CymbalPCY155 (15inch, 3zone)
Crash CymbalPCY155 (13inch, 3zone)
Hi-HatRHH135 (13inch, 2zone) HS650A


Number of Inputs12
ConnectorStandard Phones


Drum KitStandard Phones
Number of Voices427 drums + 22 melodies
Effect19 Rebarves + MEQ
Edit CapabilityTuning, Decay, Filter, Crossfade


FunctionPlay / Rec
Number of Songs62 presets + 20 users
TrainingClick, Groove Check


MIDI ConnectionsOut
DisplayBacklit 16×2 Character LCD
Power SupplyAC Adapter

Source: http://usa.yamaha.com


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